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Julia Barretto posts open letter about her showbiz journey: “I’ve always wanted to be more than my last name”

Kapamilya actress Julia Barretto has been receiving positive comments with her exceptional performance in her newest movie ‘I Love You, Hater’ with her on screen and real life love team Joshua Garcia and Kris Aquino.

But despite the success she has achieved, Julia shared her showbiz journey’s ups and downs in an open letter she posted on her Instagram account.


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She wrote: “An open letter—
In my whole journey as an actress, more often I was doubted, I was judged, I had to deal with scrutiny from people who did not know me, who made me suffer the consequences of the mistakes I did not commit and people did not give me a chance. People did not give me the chance to make some mistakes, learn and to better myself.
Other than the fact that I love my craft, I love what I do and I feel strongly passionate about acting— I’ve always wanted to prove myself. I’ve always wanted to prove my doubters wrong. I’ve always wanted to be more than my last name. I wanted my hard work to get the credit and not my last name. I wanted to make a name for myself. “I Love You, Hater” is a film I poured my heart and soul into. I was faced with one of the biggest challenges of my life before doing this film and I don’t think I was able to really pour my heart out as Julia and took the chance with Zoey. My every heartache, the every pain I felt in my body as Julia, I used Zoey as my outlet. I wanted to speak to people as Julia through Zoey & this is why I embraced Zoey. I embraced this film. I put down my walls, I let people in and see me at my most vulnerable”


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