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Kathryn Bernardo: “I know that I’m okay. I can say I’m healed”

Actress Kathryn Bernardo shared her ways of coping up from challenges in life particularly her breakup with former partner Daniel Padilla.

Kathryn and Daniel decided to end their more than 12 years of relationship last November of 2023.

In an interview with Mega Magazine, Kathryn shared her recovery journey after her breakup with Daniel.

“I mean, you’re a human being. You have to experience all the process, all the pain, lahat. But I always make sure that when it comes to my work, nothing is affected,” started Kathryn.

“It’s not like I was masking everything I was feeling. But it was very personal and I didn’t want people to see me as a victim or to feel bad for me because it happened,” she added.

“So for me, the best way to cope was first, I needed to heal and look at the bright side: I have so many blessings and so many people who stayed with me through all this. I focused on that. Second, I kept myself busy. Walang lull.” quips Kathryn.

“Sometimes I would ask my manager, ‘May I have a few days just to recharge? Once I go back, okay na.’ Now, where I am is exactly where I’m supposed to be,” stated Kathryn.

“distance is my way of protecting my peace.” Kathryn said.

(Photo source: Instagram – @megamagazine)

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