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KC Concepcion asks netizens to stop speculating about her health

The Mega Star’s daughter, KC Concepcion has her name surfaced on the internet with stories about dating international rapper, This only means that her presence is starting to be felt again. Unlike other personalities who do not mind comments coming from netizens, KC is an exemption. This is evident when she frankly replied to a follower who inquired about her health condition.

A follower asked, “Hey KC. Just wanna ask if you have problems wd your thyroid?” This gathered a lot of replies and the celebrity daughter gave her say on this with “@itskcconcepcion @rnansas ok u guys can stop speculating about my health now. We have our own personal medical doctors of choice to worry about that. ♥️😉”


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Many lambasted the questioned thrown as too much to ask for. Others said that she deserves her privacy and it is inappropriate to ask such a question.

Nevertheless, her statement is a confirmation that she knows how she should take care of herself.

(Photo source: Instagram – @itskcconcepcion)

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