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Frankie Pangilinan on KC Concepcion, Sharon Cuneta and Black Eyed Peas

Frankie Panigilian clarified that everything is fine with her and sister KC Concepcion and there is no rift between them. Frankie made this clear during an interview with press members. Frankie added that the communication lines between her and KC are open.

Frankie refused to comment on the alleged rift between mom Sharon Cuneta and KC. The alleged rift between Sharon and KC started when the later failed to attend the birthday celebration of Sharon.


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When asked if she likes Black Eyed Peas, Frankie has this to say: “Mmmm… I don’t know. Maybe when we were younger.”

Here is the video interview posted by Mr. Roldan Castro on Youtube:

(Photo source: Instagram – @itskcconcepcion)

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