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Kim Chiu breaks her silence over split with Xian Lim

Actress and TV Kim Chiu gave a sneak peek as to what really happen between her and actor Xian Lim that led to the breakup of their 11 year relationship.

In her interview with Dr. Vicki Belo for her vlog, Dr. Belo asked Kim the condition of her heart and what really transpired between her and Xian.

“Common understanding naman namin na, mutual decision to end things and to move on our lives.” started Kim.

“It’s very personal. Medyo mahirap siya, and you just have to accept siguro yung mga bagay na wala ka nang control. And you cannout push yourself sa isang bagay.” Kim said.

Dr. Belo them made a guess that perhaps it could be that Kim got a little impatient not knowing where the relationshipis heading to.

Kim answered “Hindi ako nagtanong pero iniisip ko. It’s also one of the reasons of the many reasons. Hindi naman siya big factor pero siyempre, as we grow old, siyempre iisipin mo na rin yun.”

When asked about her future plans, Kim simply said:

“Ayaw ko ng too much expectations on what will happen sa buhay ko in the next 6 months or in the next years to come. Parang gusto ko na lang mag-enjoy.” said Kim.

“Sa buhay natin, na-plano na ito ni God lahat eh. Everything doesn’t happen by chance. It was written already before we were born. Ganun na lang ang paniniwala ko, hindi siguro siya yung para sa akin.” Kim stated.

(Photo source: Instagram – @chinitaprincess)

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