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Kris Aquino to Bimby: “I may not be around to be with you on your 18th birthday.”

Actress and TV host Kris Aquino got emotional when she greeted her youngest son Bimby a happy birthday on his 17th birthday. Bimby has been the source strength for Kris who is currently undergoing medical attention in the US.

Kris was diagnosed with auto-immune disease and have been in the US for years now seeking medical attention.

On her Instagram account, Kris expressed her appreciation and gratitude to Bimby for always being there for her:

“There’s a lot i haven’t shared with you about the current state of my health, primarily because my news has mostly been sad…

April 19, 2007 i gave birth to my living guardian angel… in the past month with kuya josh back in the 🇵🇭, and because of several vaccines i needed to be given- bimb kept me company while i quarantined… ayokong sirain ang dapat good vibes sa 17th birthday ni bimb BUT i also know for all those praying for us i owe you the TRUTH. Padaanin lang natin please ang April 19 (happy birthday to our beloved @chinitaprincess 🥰)…

To bimb, “i’m keeping the promise i made to you- September 28, 2018 when we first knew there was something scary about my sudden weight loss and my complete blood test result. i’m sorry for showing weakness yesterday when i cried nonstop because of my fear that i may not be around to be with you on your 18th birthday- it’s my bad for not being grateful that against all odds, with 5 autoimmune conditions, 3 of them that are life threatening i failed to see the glass as being half full BECAUSE you’ve matured so much and you’re always ready to help my nurses, and though i know you’re also freaked, you still show CALM & absolute FAITH in God when my BP and heart rate reach scary high numbers.

No matter how much physical pain i endure daily- my heart overflows with love because of your caring, selfless, unconditional LOVE.” My one wish is for your character to remain STRONG, your values and integrity stay ADMIRABLE, your respectful and polite manner UNCHANGED, and your passion for learning will continue to inspire you to make the most of your education.

I LOVE YOU not only during my lifetime or yours BUT definitely for eternity. You’re my greatest achievement because of your capacity to love- this early you’ve embraced your responsibility to take care of your kuya, and since you were 11 years old, you’ve been so protective of me. Love doesn’t die my 🍯, please remember that. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the love of my life.”

(Photo source: Instagram – @krisaquino)

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