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Matteo Guidicelli signs contract with GMA7

Actor Matteo Guidicelli found a new home in GMA7 as he signed a contract making a certified Kapuso. Matteo said he is excited to start a ‘new mission.’

GMA7 Executives led by its Senior Vice President and GMA Films president and CEO Annette Gozon-Valdes.

“It did not happen last year because it was not at the perfect timing. I was doing another show and all other things aside so the negotiations were held back. But finally Ms. Anette Gozon said, ‘you know what, let’s sit down with boss Vic, and let’s finish this,” Guidicelli said during the press conference.

“So we did, and after three hours, it was a done deal. As I’ve said, it’s like love. Good things happen to those who wait. I’m just very happy and blessed that GMA welcomed me here,” Matteo added.

Fans and followers are speculating that now that Matteo is with GMA7, will wife Sarah follow soon?

(Photo source: Instagram – @gmanetwork)

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