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Miel Pangilinan on coming out to parents: “medyo nakakatakot… kinakabahan ako”

Miel Pangilinan, daughter of Megastar Sharon Cuneta and former senator Francis ‘Kiko’ Pangilinan relived again what she felt and what transpired when she decided to come out to her parents.

In an interview with ABS-CBN reporter MJ Felipe for ‘On Cue’, Miel recalled that incident that led to her coming out.

“Kinakabahan talaga ako kasi, not that my parents were outwardly homophobic – they are not. I’s scary to be that vulnerable with something that you’ve been keeping inside for so long,” said Miel.

“My family have known na for a couple of years prior to me coming out. I was fairly open to everybody around me. I was already out to my friends, to my family, to everyone who needed to know.” she said.

“I feel like I’m not heterosexual. I’ve been talking to my sister (Frankie) about it, ‘cause I felt, I remember feeling so scared na parang like how do I tell them.” Miel added.

“Wala nang point to not say it. And it was Pride month, I thought I’d celebrate it as well.” Miel quips.

“And then I told her, ‘Ma, I’m queer’. It took her a while to process it. And then after that she was so supportive. And it felt so wonderful and we cried together. It was just so nice to feel open again.” she added.

I don’t really have a specific label, but the one thing that I feel more aligned with is parang ‘pansexual’. My attraction is not just limited to gender, or gender identity or presentation. Anybody talaga.” Miel said.

(Photo source: Youtube Screengrab – @ABS-CBN News)

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