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Mom of Andrea Brillantes to basher: “anong ambag mo sa mundo?

Belle Brillantes, mother of actress Andrea Brillantes came to the defense of her daughter Andrea after a netizen questioned how she was raised.

On Instagram, Belle posted a photo with the following message:

“So much hatred in the net these days . We turned into bunch of savages . Spread all that hate and lies , these negativity will not break my spirit.

I am thankful for being alive , my kids and my mom being healthy . Im surrounded by people with so much love and compassion. Hate is baggage , life is too short to be angry all the time .

I may not be getting the numbers that im aiming but i shall compete again tomorrow, i will finish this competition , bahala kayo dyan lahat magkagulo.”

One netizen reacted to the said post and on the comment section said:

“Papano mo kaya pinalaki si andrea no?”

Belle answered:

“Paano? Napag tapos nya sa school mga kapatid nya, nakapag pagawa ng bahay, may sariling negosyo, ikaw anong Ambag mo sa mundo?”

(Photo source: Instagram – @belle_brillantes)

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