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MTRCB Chairperson Lala Sotto on Vice, Axel and Christine

Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) Chairperson Lala Sotto gave her personal opinion regarding the issue surrounding “EXpecially Foy You” contestants Axel Cruz and Christine, and TV host Vice Ganda.

The issue started when Vice called out Axel who allegedly tried to kiss Christine without her permission. Axel denied such intentions and Vice initially said he is willing to apologize but later decided to withdraw it.

Vice made a statement on “It’s Showtime” saying after careful deliberation and after speaking to both Axel and Christine, the deemed what they did was right.



Video shows Christine going hysterical after Vice Ganda’s statement

Vice Ganda says he is ready to apologize to Axel Cruz

“EXPecially For You” searchee Axel Cruz explains ‘kissing’ controversy


Later on a video showing Christine crying and going hysterical circulated online with Christine saying “Ginawa nyo akong sinungaling”

On the program “Ogie Diaz Showbiz Update” by Ogie Diaz, Ogie said MTRCB Chairperson has this to say about the issue:

“I don’t have an official statement but in my opinion, the hosts acted appropriately on the given situation.”


Walang Mali sa ginawa ni Vice at sa team It’s showtime ayon yan Kay MTRCB Chair Lala Sotto sa issue sa Expeciallyforyou sa biso ni axel kay Christine. #expeciallyforyou #viceganda #nikkonatividad #showbizinsights

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(Photo source: Facebook – @Lala Sotto)

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