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Netizen calls Agot Isidro: “Toxic. No love. No life.”; Agot reacts

Agot Isidro reacted to a comment made by netizen calling her ‘toxic.’ Not only did the netizen called Agot ‘toxic’, but the netizen also called Agot ‘kawawa’, her breath toxic and that she has no love and no life.

“I pity you agot. Your personality is so toxic. You are full of negativity and hatred. And that makes you so kawawa. Even your breath is so toxic. You will die an old maid. No love. No life. Ay na tweet.”


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Agot then replied and tweeted the following:

“Ako ba mananampal ng veerus?

“Ako ba nangutang ng bilyones?

“Ako ba may powers?

“Ako pa ang toxic? Teh….”

Agot followed her tweet with another one:

“To all the trolls and bashers today, Welcome to my timeline. Feel free to comment. Ayan ha, may ambag na ako sa sambayanang DDS.

#feelinggenerous #AyudaNiAgot”

(Photo source: Instagram – @agotisidro)


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