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Netizens defend Mariel Padilla from basher: “Weno naman kung mataba? Maganda naman”

Actress and TV host Mariel Padilla announced on her Instagram account that she uploaded a new vlog where she shared her recipe on her ‘OA Macaroni Salad’ which according to the actress is the favorite of her husband Robin Padilla.

Some netizens who saw the entry noticed that Mariel gained some weight and started bashing the beautiful TV host.


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From the start of the video, Mariel already brushed aside the criticisms for she herself already admitted that she gained weight.

“Bago ang lahat, gusto ko lang sabihin na magcocomment na naman kayo dyan. Sasabihin nyo na naman ang taba. Hala ang laki na nya. Ako na nagsasabi – OK. Happy? Mataba OK? Makaka move on na tayo sa ating cooking show,” said Mariel.

Some of Mariel’s followers came to her defense and posted the following:

– “”Weno naman kung mataba? Maganda naman”

To which Mariel reacted: “Mismo hahaha”

Here are the other comments:

– “So cute.😘🤣😍 D bali ng mataba, super ganda naman 😘❤️🥰 and super mum too”

– “Maganda naman kamo di ba mariel”

– “super ganda naman❤️❤️❤️ ok lang mataba basta maganda ang puso.”

– “Still pretty naman… Kahit…. Dedma sa bashers Ms @marieltpadilla”

– “OMG! Hayaan mo lang sila. Ako nga hangang hanga ako sayo Ma.💛 Kasi youre flaunting your mom bod. I hope sa mga new mom or yung mga bagong panganak like your attitude, it can really prevent those post-partum dep. Super positive all the way. Godbless!”

(Photo source: Instagram – @marieltpadilla)

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