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Netizens express concern over Kylie Verzosa’s new photos: “Is she sick?”

Netizens expressed their concern over the sudden weight loss of former beauty queen and actress Kylie Versoza. Kylie who went on a vacation on Amanpulo posted a couple of photos on her social media account.

“Hope you feel better, hug a tree” posted Kylie.

Netizens noticed how thin Kylie is and reacted by posting their comments:

– “Me sa first pic be like: Tao ka pa ba?”

– “Please dont get so thin. Anyways, it’s only my opinion. It’s your body not mine.”

– “Bakit sumbro naman po ng payat ms kylie”

– “Kylie butot balat kana. Huhuh”

– “Parang boto na katawan mo kylie”

One netizen asked “Oh no! Is she sick?” to which Kylie replied in a post:

“i’m at the healthiest i’ve ever been and have the best energy levels! I’ve just come to the conclusion that whenever i post my body, people will criticise, that i’m too much of this, too little of that, no matter how much i take care of myself 💖

I take the best care of myself in all aspects of my life and i hope you guys focus on your health and wellbeing too!”

(Photo source: Instagram – @kylieverzosa)

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