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Netizens praise Jodi Sta. Maria for taking care of animals

Netizens praised actress Jodi Sta. Meria for having a soft spot for rescued animals. Jodi recently visited an animal shelter and donated some food, her love and her time.

In a video posted online, Jodi can be seen reading and playing with some dogs and cats. Jodi is a certified animal lover. Just recently, she adopted a cat she daw on the airport.

On the Facebook page of PAWS, they expressed their sincerest gratitude to Jodi for her vist, for her love and time:

“During her recent visit to the shelter, actress Jodi Sta. Maria took the time to help in the healing process of these traumatized and. abused dogs by quietly sitting and reading to them.

Although it may look like a passive activity, these kinds of interactions with the rescues is an important part of their rehabilitation process.

Since the quarantine dogs have not completed their vaccinations and are not yet allowed to be walked outside of their area, reading to them makes them used to the soothing voice of humans and preps them for more intensive interactions.

It also helps build whatever trust was lost or forgotten during their past interactions with humans that might have traumatized them before being rescued.”

(Photo source: Facebook – @Jodi Sta Maria PH)

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