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Netizens react to ‘booty’ photo of Kiray Celis

Actress Kiray Celis caught the attention of netizens over her latest photo on her social media account.

In her Instagram account, Kiray posted several photos. In the photos, Kiray was seen wearing a swimsuit paired with a crop top as she showed off her behind. Kiray’s photos have reached more than 73,000 likes as of writing. It seemed that the said photos were inspired by actress and vlogger Ivana Alawi as she captioned her post “Relax! Hindi si ivana to! Si IGUANA TO! 😂💚”


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Her post captured the attention of netizens as they commented:
– “Your not IGUANA!! You’re beautiful, kind and nice. Don’t let other dictate bitterness. Hmmp. Rampa sis!!! 🔥😘”

– “yan ang tunay, sexy hindi retokada 😘😘😘😘”


– “malupet ka talag lodi😄👏❤️”

– “🔥🔥🔥 yaaas goooorl plump it!!”

– “Sana all maputi ang pwet😍 any tips po miss Kiray😄”

(Photo source: Instagram – @kiraycelis)


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