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Kiray Celis shares dance video: “Para sa lahat ng TOXIC na tao”

Actress Kiray Celis shared a TikTok dance video as a tribute to “toxic” people. Kiray has been very vocal in addressing her haters on her social media account recently.

She shared the said video on her Instagram account. In the video, Kiray danced to Britney Spears hit song titled “Toxic”. According to Kiray, the said video was dedicated to “toxic” people. Her dance video has reached more than 100,000 views as of writing.


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She captioned her post “Para sa lahat ng TOXIC na tao, sayawin niyo nalang to para hindi na kayo maging TOXIC! HAHAHHA 😂”

Netizens expressed their admiration as they commented:

– “Sexy.. 🔥 liit ng tummy.”

– “Taray britney na Britney”

– “Ang GaLing naman Sumayaw🔥❣️😘 Love You Ms. Kiray💕”

– “kiray lang malakas.. 💪😊💙”

– “Sanaall kasing sexy mu.. 😍😍😍”

(Photo source: Instagram – @kiraycelis)


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