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Netizens react to mugshot of Deniece Cornejo: “sya ba yan?”

Netizens expressed their concern over the mugshot of Deniece Cornejo. Most are wondering over the changes in appearance of Deniece on the photo.

Other netizens are saying that it has been 10 years and changes are inevitable.

Deniece has matured and considering what she went through like stress, the changes in her appearance will be very visible.

Compared to her mugshot last 2014, one can see that the height and other features are the same.

Here are some of the comments of netizens:

– “Si deniece ba yan? Parang hindi sya”

– “Sya ba talaga yan? Parang ang tanda ng itsura”

– “Hala kawawa naman si Denice ang ganda nyan na stress ng sobra parang Hindi na sya”

– “Di mo pala makilala si girl pag walang makeup. Is that even her? Parang ibang tao.”

– “We’ve seen her photos from 10 years ago. Madami nang nagbago. Nag-age na rin sya and nag-gain weight.”

(Photo source: CTTO)

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