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Pokwang on Lee O’Brian visiting daughter Malia: “Ayoko po, nope!”

Actress Pokwang posted a video showing daughter Malia singing and dancing pretending to have a pet snake.

On Instagram, Pokwang shared the video with the following caption:

“Hahhahahhahaa Maliaaaaa!!!!! hindi kana nga nakatulong sa pagbabagahe ko kinalat pa mga costume ko!!!!! sige! hala! #Happykamingwalaka #itoangmgadimonamakikitasaanakmo”

Netizens noticed Pokwang’s hashtag message saying they are happy without a person she did not mention. But many speculated that Pokwang is actually referring to Lee O’Brian.

On the comment section, one netizen asked:

“Wala na ba sya visitation rights? Or not allowing him na hiramin si tisay Ganda?”

To which Pokwang replied: “ayoko po, nope! Hahahahaha anakan”

(Photo source: Instagram – @itspokwang27)

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