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Sam Milby explains why he never guested on Toni Gonzaga’s show

Actor Sam Milby during a press conference was asked why he has not guested on actress Toni Gonzaga’s TV show.

In an interview with entertainment correspondent MJ Marfori, Sam was obviously surprised with the question and find it a bit challenging to answer the question.

“It’s such a hard situation and it’s something hard to answer and I don’t want to comment. Toni is my first love team, of course, and I will always love and appreciate her for all the work that we’ve done.” said Sam.

“She’s always been a dear friend over the years. And I don’t wanna comment about the situation.” Sam added.

“I was offered before and we were planning. But hindi natuloy,” Sam continued.

“Maybe inexpect na hindi ko gagawin because of, you know, I’m an ABS-CBN baby. I don’t know. I’m just never was asked after that,” Sam said.

(Photo source: Instagram – @samuelmilby)

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