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Sandra Lemonon apologizes to supporters for failing to answer ‘Build Build Build’ question

Bb. Pilipinas candidate #35 Sandra Lemonon apologized to her fans and followers for failing to answer the ‘Build Build Build’ during the recently concluded Bb. Pilipinas 2018 pageant held Sunday (March 18, 2018).

Sandra was asked to give her insights regarding the government’s ‘build build build’ program and Sanda was honest enough to say that she did not about the said program. sandra failed to win any crown but everyone is praising her for her bravery and honesty.

Sandra took to Twitter to apologize for his failure to answer the said question:

“Hello, I’m sorry pero if u were on my shoes last night ma ra-rattle ka (kinabahan ako kase first time to hear Build Build Build) Pero everything happens for a reason. God bless you ☺”

(Photo source: Instagram – @sandralemonon)

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