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Sandra Lemonon on feelings towards Rabiya Mateo: “I cannot love someone who I barely know”

Miss Universe Philippines 2020 Taguig representative Sandra Lemonon did not hesitate to answer a query coming from a netizen regarding her true feelings towards Miss Universe Philippines Rabiya Mateo. Sandra caught the attention of the online world after she ‘spill the tea’ about the said pageant.

When asked if she is joining the pageant again, Sandra said she will only join if there is more transparency from the pageant industry

One netizen then asked her: “Do you love Rabiya?”

Here is the answer of Sandra she posted on her Instagram Story:

“I cannot love someone who I barely know, or witnessed their heart first-hand. I have no malicious thoughts about her, as we didn’t have the opportunity to forge a relationship.

But from the little I know of her, what I can say is from the first time I saw her I loved her natural features & thought that she was extremely gorgeous, I’ve witnessed how determine she is & I believe with the Right people who have her Best intentions at heart, she will be able to grow into the woman who can help others who have been in her shoes.”

“I wish her nothing but the success in her journey in discovering herself & being the first ever muph in a pandemic, as I know how difficult her new life must be & I hope she always remembers that she doesn’t need to fit into the mold that society expects her to but instead create her own.”

(Photo source: Instagram – @rabiyamateo / @sandralemonon)

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