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Sen. Loren Legarda to Mayor Alice Guo: “Convince us you are Filipino”

Senator Loren Legardo asked Bamban mayor Alice Guo to convince her and the fellow senators that indeed Mayor Guo is truly a Filipino.

Sen. Legarde somehow got tired of Mayor Guo’s repeated statement that she grew up in a farm since she was born and that her father will simply visit her.

“You don’t have to say the same thing. Ano ba, huwag tayong robot!” said Legarda.

“Kasi parang scripted. ‘I was born in this.’ That’s all I can remember.’ Yet when I ask you the same question, it’s the same rote,” Legarda added.

“If you’re really Chinese and fronting for other people, go back to your country. But if you are Filipino and you were born here, convince us” Legarda said.

“Please convince us that you were born in the Philippines, that you are Filipino, and that you are not what people suspect you to be.” added the lady senator.

Mayor Guo then replied: “Ako po ay lumaki sa Barangay Virgen Delos Remedios, Bamban, Tarlac. Ako po ay isang Filipino, lumaki po ako kasama po ang mga empleyado namin sa farm. Thirty-eight years ago, wala po ako talagang maalala nang sobra.”

(Photo source: Senate of the Philippines)

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