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TAPE Inc. to continue using ‘Eat Bulaga’ pending appeal

Television and Production Exponents, Inc. (TAPE) announced that they will continue to use the title “Eat Bulaga” for their noontime program pending its appeals.

In a statement, TAPE’s legal counsel Atty. Maggie Garduque (based on the report of GMA News) said:

“As confirmed by the statement released by IPO today, TAPE has a period of 15 days to appeal the decision of the adjudication officer to the Director of the BLA-IPO. Then, appealed decisions may still be appealed to the Director General of IPO within 30 days

As regards the plea of TVJ not to use Eat Bulaga, TAPE will continue to use the name Eat Bulaga for its noontime show pending the appeals.

The appeal will be considered moot and academic if it heeds to the plea of TVJ. In the same vein, TAPE likewise hopes that TVJ will not use Eat Bulaga pending the appeals in accordance with the law and rules and wait for the finality of the decision.”

(Photo source: Facebook- @Paolo Contis)

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