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Toni Gonzaga asks Andrew E: “Ano yung feeling na maging ganun ka powerful na performer?”

Actress and TV host Toni Gonzaga directly asked rapper Andrew E. on what he felt when he was performing in front of the crowd during the campaign rally of Uniteam’s BBM-Sarah tandem.

In the latest ‘Toni Talks’ episode of Toni on her YouTube channel, she featured Andrew E for an interview. During the interview, Andrew E opened up on his showbiz career journey.

Later on, Toni and Andrew E talked about the recent campaign period. It can be recalled that both celebrities has been very vocal on showing their support to the Uniteam’s BBM-Sarah tandem in the recent campaign elections

“First hand experience ko yung kay kuya Andrew when I got to witness how he commands the crowd nung the whole campaign. Ano yung feeling na maging ganun ka powerful na performer?” Toni asked Andrew E.

“For me, it’s a good question from you ‘no honestly, pero ang isasagot ko lang sayo is, manhid na rin ako e. Kung meron mang feeling ha, kasi ever since, ’85, ’86, ’87, ’88. ’89, everyday kong ginagawa yun e, so wala ng kasagutan dun…” Andrew E shared.

(Photo source: Instagram – @celestinegonzaga)

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