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Vice Ganda admits having 5 girlfriends before

Kapamilya star Vice Ganda expressed his honest thoughts and opinions as he admitted that he had five girlfriends in the past.

In the latest YouTube vlog of former Manila City Mayor Isko Moreno, he featured Vice for his online show titles ‘Iskovery Night’. During the interview, Vice expressed his honest thoughts and sentiments as he opened up about his life in the past.

One of the questions asked by Isko was, “Uy question, nagka-girlfriend ka?”

“Oo nagka-girlfriend ako… Lima… limang girl friends.” Vice admitted.

Later on, Isko also asked Vice if when did he found out about his sexuality.

“I have always known. I have always felt na bakla ako… Alam ko na pero nilalabanan ko siya. Kasi sabi ko nga dati, mag-gigirlfriend ako. I was trying to cure it.

Until I realized, bakit ko kino-cure, e hindi naman ito sakit. Hindi naman siya disability. Hindi naman siya nagbabago, gumi-girlfriend lang ako at mas lalo ko lang na-realize na hindi, bakla talaga ako.” Vice said.

“Hindi ko kayang humalik, hindi ko kayang halikan sa labi. Hindi ko kayang humawak sa dede I swear. Nanginig ako na nanigas ako na kinilabutan talaga ako…” Vice laughingly added.

(Photo source: Instagram – @praybeytbenjamin)

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