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Vietnamese woman breaks silence on rumors linking her to Daniel Padilla

A Vietnamese lady with the name Minh Phuong (Emma) denied the rumors linking her to actor Daniel Padilla. Emma said that fans had flooded her social media account with hateful words, and she finds this unfair and uncalled for.

On Instagram, Emma posted the following:

“Hello, my name is Minh Phuong (Emma) Since last year, I have received a lot of messages from fans and supporters of Daniel Padilla, a famous actor in the Philippines.

It is known that Daniel visited Vietnam last year with his friends. Prior to his visit in my country, I have never met him.

My brother (anh: kuya) owns the bar that Daniel went to. My brother told me that Daniel is there and I can say Hi to him because I know he is a famous actor.

I saw Daniel and his friends in the bar, exchanged a few words, and then I went back home with my sister. That is the end of my interaction with him.

I know you guys love and appreciate your idol. I also feel the same to the artists I support, but please be civilized and polite. Please be a cultured person. You guys have threatened my life and my job, sent messages and spammed my family and friends. This is something I would not wish to happen to anyone.

A lot of you guys think that I am someone important, but I want to ask the question: are you accusing me with no proof and all speculations?

To be clear, I do not know who Johnnymoonlightz is, and I do not care who he is either.

I am a common Vietnamese citizen. I work, hang out with my friends, meet people, and live my life normally. I hope you maintain dignity and respect when coming to my social media, and please do not act without thinking.”

(Photo source: Instagram – @supremo_dp / @m_phuong1410)

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