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WATCH: Judy Ann and Ryan Agoncillo’s daughter Yohan turns 18

Celebrity couple Judy Ann Santos and Ryan Agoncillo decided to prepare a grand debut for their eldest daughter, Yohan.

In the ‘Same Day Edit’ video that was posted by Nice Print Photography on their YouTube channel, Judy Ann and Ryan expressed their love and admiration to their beautiful eldest daughter, Yohan.

The said 18th birthday celebration of Yohan was attended by their family and friends. It was also attended by some celebrities.

Yohan clearly had a great time as she also prepared a dance number. One of the highlights of the said debut party was when Yohan and Ryan was seen happily dancing together. Another precious moment was when Yohan happily danced also with Judy Ann.

“Hey baby! Happy birthday! I hope you enjoy your debut. Ito na! Welcome to the real world baby. If there’s anything I wanna say, just remember that you are awesome just the way you are. Happy birthday my love. Love you!” Ryan said.

Judy Ann also shared her heartfelt message to Yohan as she said, “Hey sweetheart, I hope you like your party. I know this is your dream and you’re just so so happy na finally you were able to make your dreams come true, and more dreams to come true. Andito lang kami always of course to support you. Life is tough you know, and sometimes life is gonna be painful but pain will always make you stronger and a better person.”

“Just know that us, your family, will always be your safe space. We love you so much and Happy birthday!” Judy Ann added.

(Photo source: Youtube- @niceprintchannel)

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