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WATCH: Julia Barretto treats her glam team to a muddy adventure

Kapamilya actress Julia Barretto pulled off a ‘dirty’ surprise for the people behind her glam looks as she treated them to an outdoor adventure where they had a fun team building.

In her recent YouTube vlog, Julia shared her adventure with her glam team at the Forest Club Eco Resort where they competed against each other’s respective teams as they took on numerous challenges.

Julia wrote in the video’s description: “It’s a muddy and exciting day for me and the glam team 😏 I surprised them by taking them to the Forest Club Eco Resort for a special team building session… Julia style!”


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After finishing all the challenges, Julia’s team became the losing team and each member had to get into the mud and crawl their way to the other end.

Julia’s vlog gained reactions from netizens who were delighted over the video as one user commented: “It’s so refreshing to see Julia enjoying her life rather than wasting her time and energy on negativity that people are throwing on her.”

Another user wrote: “You can really tell that Julia is a good person. Its obvious that her glam team loves her so much and she treats them as her friends and not just people who work for her. I love this woman! She’s not just a pretty face. She has a beautiful heart ❤”

Watch it here:

(Photo source: YouTube – Julia Barretto)

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