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WATCH: Kaye Abad denies having bodyguards while shopping

Actress Kaye Abad denied that she brings bodyguards with her whenever she goes shopping or do her groceries. A viral video is going around the internet showing Kaye going around a supermarket with some bodyguards around her.

In an interview with DJ Jhai Ho, Kaye clarified that the said bodyguards on the video were not hers but was provided by the supermsrket since she was doing a collaboration with them.

“I explained it on my social media na I did a collaboration with this supermarket. And then, so nagpadala sila ng bodyguard, the bodyguards work for the supermarket and then I told them na hindi ko na kailangan ng bodyguards kasi yun mga Cebuano sanay naman na sakin na nag-iikot-ikot lang ako sa mall mag-isa but then sabi nila, ‘Sige lang ma’am’ kasi inutos daw sa kanila so sabi ko, ‘Ah okay.’ So yung nag-viral, hindi po sa akin yung bodyguards na yun, sa supermarket po,” Kaye explained.

On social media, Kaye posted the following;

“I’m always alone when I do my groceries. Or sometimes kasama ko ang kids. Pero walang “bodyguards.”

Here is the video:



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(Photo source: Tiktok – @nemgarcia2020)

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