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WATCH: Mariel Padilla shares birthing journey with second baby

Host Mariel Padilla officially introduced her baby Gabriela on social media a few weeks after giving birth with her second child with Robin Padilla.

In her recent YouTube vlog, Mariel shared her birthing journey as she documented her check ups, her bonding moments with her eldest child Isabella, until the day of her delivery.


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Mariel wrote in the video’s caption: “Hi everyone, welcome back to my channel.

“A lot of you are waiting for this vlog and now finally here it is.
I knew it wasn’t going to be easy that Robin and I weren’t going to be together when I deliver Gabriela but we decided to make some sacrifices for our kids. During labor all I can think of is Isabella and Robin, all moms out there understand why. I am now sharing it with you guys because I want you to see the beauty above all the pain of giving birth.
We are the happiest baby Gabriela. Thank you for being such a good girl.

“You all have been with me since the gender reveal then the baby shower and you’ve witnessed all my struggles with my pregnancy but now I am so excited to welcome another beautiful blessing to pamilya Padilla. Thank you everyone for the support and love that my family receives, to my dad who was really there throughout the whole thing and to Robin Thank you so much!!!”

Watch it here:

(Photo source: Instagram – @marieltpadilla/ YouTube – Mariel Padilla)

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