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Xian Lim on love: “at a certain point, love disappears”

Actors Xian Lim and Jennylyn Mercado got to talk about their movie ‘Love, Die, Repeat,’ and how it related to their personal experiences.

Xian and Jennylyn guested on ‘Fast Talk’ hosted by Boy Abunda. At a point, Tito Boy asked Xian about his thoughts on love?

“Love is very painful, and it’s also a very magical feeling.” started Xian.

“I think that’s what love does to you but at a certain point, love disappears,” Xian added.

“And I think, doon na magiging choice ang pagmamahalan. You choose to stay together and you choose to fight for each other, no matter what it is,” Xian stated.

If he is given a chance to relived his past, what will it be? asked Tito Boy.

Xian answered: “I would just watch myself. I wouldn’t really do anything to change anything that happened, kasi I think na parang lahat ng nangyari in the past really helped shape the way you are today,”

(Photo source: Youtube screengrab – @GMA Network)

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