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Zsa Zsa Padilla organizes dirty kitchen: “Pasensya na, di ko na malilipat ang washing machine /dryer”

Actress Singer Zsa Zsa Padilla heeded to the advice of netizens and organized their dirty kitchen. It all started when Zsa Zsa started talking about watermelon season. Zsa Zsa posted a photo of it but what got the attention of netizens was her cluttered dirty kitchen.

One the netizen commented “Napaka unorganized naman” to which Zsa Zsa replied: “how’s your dirty kitchen? Perfect? Good for you!” But as more comments were posted advicing Zsa Zsa on how to keep it clean, the beautiful singer heeded to their advice.



Netizens react to Zsa Zsa Padilla’s dirty kitchen: “napaka unorganized naman”


On her latest post, Zsa Zsa thanked everyone for the tips and showed the result of her work in organizing her dirty kitchen:

“Good morning! Thanks for your tips!!! Nilipat ko na lahat ng oil sa taas where all the pang luto should be. Even refilled the patis and placed it in the pantry. Pasensya na, di ko na malilipat ang washing machine /dryer kasi yan talaga ang pwesto nya sa dirty kitchen. 😂 happy cooking mga Momsh”

(Photo source: Instagram – @zsazsapadilla)

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