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Bangs Garcia slams netizens who questions her for posting passport photo of her daughter baby Isabella

Actress Valerie ‘Bangs’ Garcia-Birchmore can’t help but react to netizens who questioned her for posting a passport photo of her daughter, baby Isabella.

In her Instagram account, Bangs posted an adorable photo of her daughter, baby Isabella. Bangs also shared that the same photo was used on baby Isabella’s British passport as she shared a glimpse of the said passport. Bangs wrote in the caption:


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“Isabella’s first passport photo!❤️ Which I had shot and set up only at home.👍 Thank goodness she’s such a behaved baby!😆🥰 @isabellabirchmore #6MonthsOld #ReadyToTravel”

In the comment section, some netizens expressed their concern over Bangs sharing a photo of baby Isabella’s passport. One netizen wrote “Pls. be careful with your baby’s personal information,,,,” To which Bangs answered “if I am not careful then could you please tell me at least one info that the world does not know already from looking at this photo?👍”

Another netizen commented “Y do you need to post the birthdate?” To which Bangs reacted “coz it was already announced that I gave birth to her on that very day. There’s nothing posted here that the world does not know already. Most impt. details are obviously hidden”

(Photo source: Instagram – @valeriebangsgarcia)


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