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Dominic Roque releases official statement on Cristy Fermin’s allegations

Actor Dominic Roque released his official statement relating to the allegations made by entertainment columnist Cristy Fermin.

Through his lawyers Fernandez & Singson Law Offices, Dominic denied any such allegations happened.

“We write on behalf of our client, Mr. Dominic Roque, appertaining to the recent statements of Ms. Cristy Fermin in her social media vlogs.

We strongly condemn the malicious and defamatory public statements of Ms. Fermin. These defamatory statements were made by Ms. Fermin under the guise of entertainment news without any effort from her to confirm the same from Mr. Dominic Roque.

The messaging of the innuendos were clear and unambiguous. In fact, the malicious and baseless innuendos were quickly picked up by social media netizens, several of whom even uploaded a photo of Dapitan City Mayor Bullet Jalosjos, without his knowledge and consent.

He is embarrassed and apologizes to Mayor Bullet Jalosjos and his family for being dragged into the public conversation because of the malicious defamatory public innuendos of Ms. Fermin.


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