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Dominic Roque releases official statement on Cristy Fermin’s allegations

In a separate vlog, Ms. Fermin made a malicious defamatory statement that former Congressman Bong Suntay is one of the suspected benefactors of Mr. Dominic Roque. By making such a statement, Ms. Fermin made the innuendo that unreasonably casts doubt on the sexuality of former Congressman Bong Suntay.

Again, Mr. Roque would like to apologize to former Congressman Bong Suntay and his family for the embarrassment caused by the deplorable innuendos made by Ms. Fermin.

Furthermore, Mr. Dominic Roque does not own a Clean Fuel gas station; in fact, all Clean Fuel gas stations are company-owned,”

While Mr. Roque acknowledges that as celebrities, a segment of his life is open to public discussion for being matters of general interests; specifically, entertainment news. However, mainstream media and independent vloggers alike are not given unbridled license in exercising free speech of freedom of the press.

Ms. Fermin acted outside the bounds of protected free speech and intentionally caused damage to the integrity and honor of the affected individuals.”

Finally, to set the record straight, Mr. Dominic Roque and Ms. Bea Alonzo never fought nor had a disagreement over a pre-nuptial agreement.

Reckless statements relating to the alleged disagreement over a pre-nuptial agreement between them are, not only unverified, but merely based on speculations intended to produce a negative image on the parties concerned.”

(Photo source: Instagram – @dominicroque)

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