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Doug and Chesca Kramer celebrate son Gavin’s 8th birthday: “To the one who’ll carry on our last name”

Celebrity couple Doug and Chesca Kramer penned a heart-warming message to their only son, Gavin as he celebrated his 8th birthday.

In Chesca’s Instagram account, she posted a short video. The said video is a photo compilation of her and Gavin. At the end of the video, Chesca also showed Gavin’s birthday celebration. Chesca expressed her love to Gavin as she wrote:


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“Happy Birthday my sweet boy, Gavin! ❤️ You know how much I love you because, Mama never gets tired of telling, and showing you just how much I do! ❤️ I hope you’re enjoying your special day! 😊I hope you stay the way you’re, you’re so easy to please… Being together is already more than enough for you. ❤️ We all love you so much, @gavinkramer! You’re God’s very special gift to all of us! ❤️Happy birthday, my son! ❤️”


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