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Janella Salvador apologizes to “It’s Showtime” issue

Singer actress Janella Salvador expressed her sincere apology to an issue involving her guesting on noontime program “It’s Showtime.”

Janella was asked to give a sample of her latest single ‘Headtone’ which she begged off due to her ‘paos’ voice. The said incident went viral, netizens accusing Janella of being rude to the program hosts.

On Twitter / X, Janella explained herself and said:



Janella Salvador pinahiya nga ba si Kim Chiu sa “It’s Showtime”


“Oh wow. I’ve been meaning to explain myself because the last thing i would ever want is to appear rude or disrespectful… and here i am being met with so much love and comfort upon opening this app. Thank you. It makes me happy to know that there are many people out there who know my heart and what i stand for.

Hugs of gratitude (from behind)”

“and just to be clear, I have personally apologized for unintentionally offending someone but not for setting a valid boundary. If you twist my words that’s on you. I will always be assertive but never disrespectful. If you can’t tell the difference and find something wrong with that, then you’re a people pleaser and again…
that’s on you.

Don’t you dare try and involve my son. The way most of y’all are boomers too. Embarrassing.”

(Photo source: Instagram – @superjanella)

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