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Kylie Padilla admits being a single parent is the ‘hardest thing’

Actress Kylie Padilla admitted that being a single parent is the hardest thing she have ever had to do in her life. Kylie has two sons Axl Romeo and Alas Joaquin to actor Aljur Abreninca.

Kylie and Aljur got together in 2011 and decided to go separate ways 2021.

On her Instagram account, Kylie shared her journey as a mnther:

“Being a single mother is the hardest thing I have ever had to do in my life. At times I often wonder if I do enough, am i disciplining them the right way? Am I being too harsh or am I teaching a life lesson?.

If I am capable along with my own depression and anxiety to do this job? Or if I am a good mother? Or how do i even forgive myself when I make mistakes. I wonder all the time. I find myself parenting myself as i am parenting them.

Usually on mother’s day i direct this energy to celebrate other moms in my life. This year I want to celebrate myself. I’m proud of me. I pat myself on the back. This has made me a better person.

May all moms like me who struggle and I know you do, you are doing amazing. It’s ok to be human. If you don’t feel celebrated, I CELEBRATE YOU. It’s ok to admit to your flaws but always strive to be better.

Repair when you can and always whatever happens, steal a hug a kiss and listen to that story they have told hundreds of times over, let them know you see them. They are only ever this little for so long. The sacrifice is worth every laugh and every I love uttered from their lips.”

(Photo source: Instagram – @kylienicolepadilla)

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