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Maricel Soriano advices Ion Perez to be faithful to Vice Ganda: “Huwag mo siyang lolokohin”

Actress Maricel Soriano failed to talk to Ion Perez during her guesting on “Gandang Gabi Vice.” Marical admitted that she is intrigued by the personality of Ion who recently admitted his relationship with Vice Ganda.

Marical guested on “It’s Showtime” and she made sure that she will be able to meet Ion. Her initial reaction after meeting Ion was “Ang gwapo naman pala sa personal ang batang.” Maricel then asked Ion if he really loves Vice and Ion said “Yes.”


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Maricel then told Ion to be faithful to Vice: “Huwag mo siyang lolokohin.”

Here is the video:

(Photo source: Facebook – @ABSCBNnetwork)

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