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Matteo Guidicelli returns to work: attends Pedro Penduko “acting workshop”

Matteo Guidicelli returned to work. This is evident when a a post shared on Instagram where a photo of the newly-wed actor is seen with other celebrities like Empoy and Nicole Omillo.

Consequently, it was reported that his wife, Pop Star Sarah Geronimo already started taping again with “The Voice” Teens.


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Director JP Laxamana said : “First acting workshop for #PENDUKO film with the main cast. @nicoleomillo @matteog @empoy@vivaartistsagency”

This signals that everything is back to normal. However, netizens might still on its hangover and are waiting for the Pop Star to speak. The commotion that happened during their secret wedding, made huge news in the country after the bride’s mom gatecrashed the event.

(Photo source: Instagram – @jplaxamana / @matteog)

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