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Netizen claims his photo was used to threaten Frankie; Sharon reacts: “Dunno whom to believe anymore”

Singer actress Sharon Cuneta revealed that one netizen claimed that his photo was used by someone else to threaten singer Frankie Pangilinan. Sharon reposted the tweet and admitted that she is a bit confused as of the moment.

“FYI, the post made by a certain “Atasha Nawin” had a profile pic apparently stolen from the actual owner of the photo, Mr. DL S Uy. Dunno whom to believe anymore.”


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The said netizen praised Frankie for standing up for human rights and suggested that to continue what they are doing to raise awareness.

“Your daughter is doing a good job in raising awareness for women’s rights and cultivating a culture devoid of mysoginy. If I may suggest, use your platform to help her further raise awareness and reach a farther audience. This is for the future of our children/grandchildren”

(Photo source: Instagram – @reallysharoncuneta)

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