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Rabiya Mateo recalls struggles in the past: “I only had 5 pesos as my baon”

Miss Universe Philippines 2020 Rabiya Mateo shared to her fans and followers her struggles when she was still studying.

In her Instagram account, Rabiya posted a photo of her. Rabiya recalled her struggles as she shared that she didn’t have much during her Elementary days. Rabiya shared that she only got php5 as her “baon”, 2 notebooks for her 8 subjects and the same shoes for several years. She also shared that she had no laptop and internet access. Rabiya said that despite all her struggles, she was happy to study and to do her school works. Rabiya also shared that as part of her advocacy, she personally delivered schools supplies as she went to Zaragosa Integrated School located in Badian Island.


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Rabiya wrote:
“When I was in elementary, I did not have much. I remember, I only had 5 pesos as my baon back then. I only had 2 notebooks for my 8 subjects. I used the same shoes from grade 4-6. I had no laptop, no internet access, and there were moments I even needed to go to my classmate’s house to borrow crayons and materials (thank you, @graciellalalooove). Despite these limitations however, I was happy studying and doing my school work. I made a promise to myself that when I reach that point of success, I would give back. I want to share my story to those children who are experiencing the same hardships. I want to inspire and motivate them to achieve greater things in their lives. As your Ambassador for Education, my goal is to go to different schools all over the country and offer any help we can give.

Zaragosa Integrated School is located Badian Island, 2-3 hours away from Cebu City. Many students need to walk 45 mins to an hour just to get there. These kids have big dreams for themselves and their families. You can see the drive to succeed in their eyes.

Thank you to all the generous donors for making this possible. We were able to deliver 150 pairs of slippers and educational materials to these deserving children.”

(Photo source: Instagram – @rabiyamateo)


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