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Sharon and Kiko Pangilinan file cyber libel charges against Cristy Fermin

Singer actress Sharon Cuneta and husband former senator Kiko Pangilinan filed cyber libel charges against entertainment columnist Cristy Fermin.

Both Sharon and Kiko said the reports made by Nanay Cristy on her online program are baseless and pure hearsays, to the point that it is hurting their family, including their children.



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“Parang ang sama-sama namin, parang ang kong ina, ang sama kong tao, when buong buhay ko parang has been dedicated to really trying to raise the best kind of human beings sa mga anak namin.” said Sharon in an interview with press members.

“We’re very decent, very honest people. We’re not perfect but we live very honestly. Wala kaming iskandalong matatawag mo.” Sharon added.

For his part, Kiko said the reports are all lies and damaging just to gain views and subscribers.

“Paninira at kasinungaling ang kinakalat para lang sumikat, para lang dumami ang kanilang views at subscribers.” Kiko said.

“So hindi tama ito, that’s why we’re putting a stop to this. We believe the criminal behaviour should not be allowed at the beginning.” Kiko added.

(Photo source: Facebook – @Nelson Canlas)

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