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WATCH: Julia Barretto shops for her very first Christmas tree

Actress Julia Barretto excitedly shared her new YouTube vlog where she shopped for her very own Christmas tree for the first time which she will be decorating in her own house.

In her vlog, Julia documented her shopping experience where she seemed to have a hard time choosing decorations and buying the tree but later decided to get a green Christmas tree with pink decorations.


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While shopping, Julia called her mom Marjorie Barretto to ask for help as she was having a hard time which tree and ornaments to get.

Marjorie then gave her suggestions to her daughter which helped the actress decide what to get for her tree.

Upon coming back home, Julia started to decorate her tree together with her team and her brother Leon who kept her company.

Upon finishing the set up, Julia expressed her joy for finally having her very own Christmas tree, saying: “Okay everyone, officially I have a tree. My very first Christmas tree.”

“When I first thought of what my theme would be for my very first Christmas tree, I pictured a green tree with red decorations and red ornaments.. Something more classic. But when I was shopping and I saw the pink decorations and the pink ornaments, I kinda fell in love with it.”

Watch Julia’s Christmas tree vlog here:

(Photo source: YouTube – Julia Barretto)

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