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Alessandra de Rossi reacts to a basher saying she is ‘finding ways to spread hate’

Actress Alessandra de Rossi reacted to a netizen who claimed that she is finding ways to spread hate after she expressed her opinion regarding the Manila Bay’s white sand.

In her Twitter account, Alessandra wrote “Hirap lumabas. It’s exhausting for my sanity. Buti nalang nagbaon ako ng white sand for my mental health.” The said tweet of Alessandra has earned mixed reactions from netizens.


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One Netizen commented “ano kayang ginawa ni Alex para sa Manila Bay?? last time i checked, yung kaka tira sa gobyerno does not clean the bay… sige na palpak na si white sand pero the government keeps on finding ways. ikaw? finding ways to spread hate”.

The said tweet caught the attention of Alessandra to which she answered “Spread hate? I ❤️ the project! Si Manila Bay mismo ang issue, kasi sya naman ang nagwawash out ng sand at hindi tao, when it’s for our mental health! Walang kinalaman mga tao dito! May twitter ba si Manila Bay? Pakisabi wag naman during a pandemic. Be sensitive, waves. KALMA.”

(Photo source: Instagram – @msderossi / Twitter – @msderossi)


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