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Cristy Fermin sa ‘pagpaparetoke’ diumano ni Jinkee Pacquiao: “Ibigay na natin sa kanya yun”

Netizens can’t help but noticed the big change in Jinkee Pacquio’s face. The said observation in a video where Jinkee can been seen singing the song ‘Paubaya’ popularized by Moira Dela Torre.

In her program ‘Cristy Ferminute’, entertainment columnist Cristy Fermin came to the rescue and defended Jinkee for her critics.

Nanay Cristy said Jinkee didn’t do anything wrong and did not hurt anyone if in case she indeed went into some cosmetic procedure – its her money.

“Ibigay na natin sa kanya ‘yun. Tutal naman ikaliligaya niya yan eh. Kaya nga niya ginagawa ng paulit-ulit eh. Nakakaligaya sa kanya yan eh,” Nanay Cristy added.


Anong Nangyari sa mukha ni Jinky Pacquiao #jinkypacquaio #mannypacquiao #fyp

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(Photo source: Instagram – @jinkeepacquiao)

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