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Enrile reacts to Lea Salonga’s controversial FB post: “Anong malay naman ng Lea Salonga na yan kundi kumanta lang”

Broadway star Lea Salonga’s controversial Facebook post where she cursed and shared her frustrations on what was happening in the Philippines made a buzz in social media.

In an interview with DZAR Sonshine Radio hosted by Jess Arranza and Admar Vilando, former Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile was asked on his reaction to Lea’s controversial statement. Enrile answered “Bastos. Anong malay naman ng Lea Salonga na yan kundi kumanta lang”.


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Lea Salonga took to her Twitter account to explain that the said controversial Facebook post. She clarified that she was cursing simply as an outburst and it was not aimed at anyone in particular not even the country.

Here is the interview:

(Photo source: Facebook – @Juan Ponce Enrile / @instagram – @msleasalonga)

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