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Julia Barretto breaks silence over pregnancy allegations

Actress Julia Barretto broke her silence over allegations that she is pregnant with actor Gerald Anderson’s child. Former TV broadcaster Jay Sonza claimed that Julia is pregnant and the father is Gerald. On his Facebook page, Jay posted the following:

““Napatunayan nina Visoy (visayan tisoy) Gerald Anderson at anak nina Dennis Padilla at Marjorie na si Julia Barreto na kapuwa hindi sila baog.

After months of love lockdown and ESQ (exact sex quadrant) – may nabuo sa sinapupunan ni Julia.”

MArjorie Barretto, mother of Julia denied such allegations. Some netizens also casted doubts on the said news and Julia herself denied such development.

On her Instagram account, Julia posted a photo showing her toned abs with the following caption: “FAKE NEWS”

(Photo source: Instagram- @juliabarretto)

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