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Melissa Ricks shows off magnificent body transformation

Actress Melissa Ricks showed everyone that if you put your mind into something – it can be achieved. Melissa used to be on the heavy side but becaue of sheer determination and commitment, Melissa was able to trimmed herself down to her desired weight.

Melissa posted a before and after photo to show everyone that it is possible and it is achievable:

“August vs December❤️ I never thought I’d lose the weight anymore, till i found something that helped me, along with proper diet and a secret I’ll reveal soon! @gmaxketoph has been such a huge help in losing the unwanted weight and also in boosting my immune system.”

Here are some of netizens comments:

– “Ms melissa alam mo sabay tau nagdiet, lagi ko tinitignan my day mo naiinspire ako,, there are times na napapagod at nawawalan ako ng pagasa pero pag tinitignan ko ig mo naeenlighten ulit ako heeheh sana thlotuloy pagpost mo salamat godbless”

– “How did you do it? Wanting to lose weight din.”

– “Galing galing!

– “Looking amazing”

– “bongga to!!”

(Photo source: Instagram – @mellyricks09)

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