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Sharon Cuneta gets emotional over comments comparing KC and Frankie’s looks

Singer actress Sharon Cuneta poured out her heart and appealed to netizens to spare her children from controversies and hearsays. Sharon said her daughters do not deserved that kind of treatment. Sharon was reacting to those who are comparing the looks Frankie Pangilinan and KC Concepcion.

During a Facebook Live message, Sharon admitted that the family is hurting she got so affected by what people is saying about her family.

“How dare you pag-aawayin nyo ang magkakapatid. Ako po ang nagsilang sa mga yan. Hindi po ganun ang pagpapalaki ko sa mga anak ko. Wag niyo silang pag-awayin. Wag niyo silang siraan,” said Sharon.

“Nao-offend ako for Frankie. Hindi man siya kasingganda ng ate KC niya, natural hindi naman matinee idol ang tatay niya. Pero iba naman ang ganda niya. It’s a stab in my heart. They all came from me. Why are you so bad? Why are you doing that to my children? Why are you like that?” Sharon added.

“Gumagawa kayo ng istorya. Hindi nyo ako kilala. It affected us mentally and emotionally – I got sick.” admitted Sharon.

Here is the video:

(Photo source: Instagram – @itskcconcepcion)

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